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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center (Main release)

For details about software and hardware requirements, see the article System requirements.

For details about installation and support information, see the article Usage and Support.


  • Added a support for helpdesk self-initialization for Simple PBA (graphical mode).
  • Added Helpdesk for Simple PBA (graphical mode) in case when disk is locked.
  • Added PBA UEFI logs.
  • Default PBA mode was changed from Linux to Graphical Simple PBA for UEFI. 
  • Now only MBR partition layout can be used for creating WinPE bootable USB.
  • Added a spacing for login in Simple PBA (graphical mode), where the domain name is short.
  • Added a delay after three incorrect password attempts for Simple PBA (graphical mode).
  • An issue with not wide enough fields for helpdesk Simple PBA (graphical mode) challenge-response.
  • An issue where Graphical Simple PBA was wrongly scaled.
  • An issue where the Deactivate PBA and Reenable PBA after x reboots options were active when going back from a configuration policy to an initialization policy. Now by going back there appears a message informing that all unsaved settings will be lost.
  • An issue where PBA could be skipped every time, although the suspension was set for a limited number of times.
  • An issue where single sign-on did not work on some computer models.
  • An issue with an incorrect behavior when configuring smart card reader and provider.
  • An issue where the Reboot button was hidden after the PBA initialization for BIOS systems. Now the button will be available only if BitLocker is activated.


  • A message about incorrect file extension (if wrong file instead of .eri selected) was added to WinPE. 
  • UEFI PBA for FDE: size optimization to fit any EFI partition.
  • An issue where an external storage was recognized as internal and was offered for encryption.


  • Added new design for passwords in Policy Builder.
  • Redesigned ERI creation module in FDE Console for failed operations.
  • Redesign for the FDE password page.

FDE management in EgoSecure Data Protection Console

  • Optimized the number of requests from Console to Server when working within Product settings » FDE » Configuration profiles. 
  • FDE and PBA data security improvements.
  • The disk encryption in Console without an ERI password configured is not available anymore.
  • Now if the drive is encrypted by FDE, it is not possible to encrypt it by BitLocker via Console.
  • Added a correct status without time delay that FDE is uninstalled (in case of we uninstalling FDE when FDE is initialized).
  • FDE uninstall log added to с:/program data/egosecure/encryption hdd on the Agent side.
  • An issue where the Console displayed errors after the FDE uninstallation.
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