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FAQ: EgoSecure Data Protection SaaS

How to set up EgoSecure Data Protection SaaS?

To set up EgoSecure Data Protection SaaS, import the Console certificate and start the Console. The required authentication certificate used for encrypted SSL communication is provided by Matrix42 AG. After that, you can install the Agents on the client locally or via software distribution tools.
For details, read the article Getting started with EgoSecure Data Protection SaaS

How to perform the synchronization with Azure AD?

To add objects from Azure AD to the Console, define connection data and start the synchronization. For details, read the article Setting up Azure AD in EgoSecure Data Protection SaaS

What functionality is supported?

  • Supported modules:
    • Access Control
    • Application Control
    • Removable Device Encryption
    • Cloud Storage Encryption
    • Local Folder Encryption
    • Network Share Encryption
    • Permanent Encryption
    • EgoSecure Antivirus
    • Avira Antivirus Management
    • BitLocker Management
    • Full Disk Encryption
    • Green IT
    • Secure Erase
    • Inventory
    • Password Manager
    • IntellAct Automation
    • Data Loss Prevention - Data in Use
    • Data Loss Prevention - Data at Rest
  • Supported directory services:
    • Azure Active Directory
    • EgoSecure "Own Directory“ mode
  • Communication of Agents with Server via polling

What are functionality restrictions?

  • Initial Agent installation is possible only locally or via software distribution tools, although the remote Agent update can be performed via the Installation section of Console
  • The EgoSecure Supervisor Account is used by Matrix AG for administration and therefore not available
  • The Check Agent state option doesn't work
  • If Console and Agent are in different networks: not possible to compress Agent log files and scan computer to get the list of devices or application

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