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Updating EgoSecure Server 21.0.1 to 21.0.2 with installed Service Bus Adapter

ID: 21092301
Languages: EN
Components: EgoSecure Server, EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter
Operating system: Windows


In the release version of EgoSecure Server 21.0.1, EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter was installed as an additional instance. Starting from the release version of EgoSecure Server 21.0.2, EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter is installed as a part of EgoSecure Server. Update from 21.0.1 to 21.0.2 using the instruction below to avoid moving your connection data and reinstalling the Adapter.

For updating from EgoSecure Server versions lower that 21.0.1, update the version as usually and then see the article Service Bus V: Install EgoSecure Adapter.


  • Installed EgoSecure Server 21.0.1
  • Installed EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter 21.0.1


  1. Update EgoSecure Server:
    a. Start the EgoSecureSetup_x64.exe file.
    ⇒ The Welcome dialog appears.
    b. Click Next.
    ⇒ The update starts.
    c. Click Finish.
  2. Launch the modify_adapter.cmd file (click the file name to download).
    ⇒ The file performs the following steps: 
    a. Keeps the settings of an older instance of EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter.
    b. Uninstalls an older instance of EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter.
    c. Enables new EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter as a component in the all-in-one EgoSecure Server installer.
    d. Restores the settings of EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter.

    ⇒ EgoSecure Server and Service Bus Adapter restart automatically to apply the changes.
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