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Add Corona Warn App for iPhone


After completing this how-to you will have the possibility to deploy the Corona Warn App to iPhone Devices by adding them into the App Portal.


If you try to add the App via App Portal by searching for Name like Corona Warn App,  you will receive the following message.

2020-07-01 15_00_30-Silverback - New Application.png

This means that automatic import for application information via the Apple API for the App Store does not fulfill all requirements. This might appear when the application does not provide all required information for the automatic import of app information.  Please note that this can also happen with other Apps, but is not a regular case.

In this or these cases, you can easily provide the needed information manually.


  • Click on App Portal in the Silverback Console
  • Then on "iPhone" and "New Application"
  • Select Country "Germany"
  • Type in the Name for the "Corona Warn App" and confirm the message from above that this App cannot be auto-populated by click on "OK" Button
  • You now see that the URL field is filled out like ""
  • Please copy the id from the end of the URL and fill out the "Bundle ID" , "Version" and "Description" for the App
  • Optional you can add an "Icon" for the App which is visible in the App Portal on the Device
  • Choose the App Management Options below and click finally on "Save"

You can also "buy" the Corona Warn App via VPP if configured in your environment to deploy the App automatically on the devices. We recommend to read the Help Article to register VPP Deployment if not configured yet

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