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Device Enrollment Guide Part II: One Time Password

Create one time password

From a computer that is connected to the corporate network, the user opens a browser and navigates to the Silverback self-service portal.

In the Username and Password fields, the user enters their User Principal Name (UPN) and network Password. If you don’t already use your current UPN suffix for authentication, you can change the user’s UPN to match their email address, allowing the user to effectively authenticate by entering their email address. The following Microsoft link describes how to add UPN suffixes to a forest

When using Local Users for authentication, the users should enter the username provided, not their UPN.

In the Mobile field, the user enters the mobile number of the device they wish to enroll. If the device does not have a mobile number (e.g. iPad or iPod), they enter their contact mobile number.

In the Ownership field, the user selects whether they own the device (‘Personal’) or if it is owned by their organization (‘Corporate’).

The user clicks Enroll and receives their OTP like the one below, and an SMS will be sent to the number entered.

The Device Ownership field is an option that is controlled on the Admin – Self Service Portal tab of the admin console.

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