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Secure Container Devices III: Manage multiple devices

Manage Multiple Devices

You can manage multiple users at one time to send a message or delete devices. Delete multiple might be used for cleanup of old no longer used devices belonging to many different accounts.  

If deleting devices from one  account because the account is no longer needed you can delete the user which will also delete the associated devices.  It can also be used to notify select devices of a specific version or a specific OS of an impending action related to those devices.

Select Devices

  • Navigate to Devices
  • Select desired Devices you wish to manage 

Manage Device Actions

  • After selection of desired users click Manage Device
  • Choose one of the actions
Action Description
Send Message 

You will have different options for the type of message you wish to send.  Once you have entered the data required hit ‘Send Alert’.

  • Alert – Will send system alerts that will pop up on the device via the push notification mechanism.   No Subject can be entered by design.
  • SMS – Will send alerts via your company’s configured Twillo account (set in system settings).  No Subject can be entered by design.
  • Email – Will send alerts via your company’s MTA server (set in system settings).  You may use all fields including Subject
Delete Delete Will delete selected devices. Confirm the deletion with Yes
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