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Secure Container Devices I: Manage Devices

Manage Device

  • Navigate to Devices
  • Click Edit next to the device

Device Management

Device Manage Overview displays the following information:

  • Device Name
  • Device ID
  • OS
  • OS Version
  • Client Version
  • Model
  • Carrier
  • Certificate Name
  • Device Type
  • User Name
  • Last Connect Time
  • Notification Time
  • Provision Date 

Manage Device

The following actions are available:

Lock Container

A lock prompt will appear on the users device, Once the screen refreshes you will see the Device Unlock PIN in Device Management. End User needs to enter the Device Unlock PIN on the device to unlock the device

Wipe Container

Will wipe the container. A wipe does NOT remove the client from the device; it instead wipes out all of the users data.  If someone opens the application after a wipe has been issued they will see the provisioning screen and be required to enter provisioning data to activate.  If a user also has the policy to allow the synchronization of contacts or calendar to the native device and has not disabled access to contacts or calendar via native settings it will also remove synced contacts and calendar

Change Password

A password reset allows an administrator to remotely assist the end user when they have forgotten their password. A temporary password will be generated and you can supply that to your user verbally or generate an alert message to be sent from the same Manage Device area.  The user will be prompted on their device to enter the temporary password and to create a new password.

Wipe Synced Contacts Depending on your Policy Configuration: 

If a user has not disabled access to contacts via native settings it will remove synced contacts.

Wiped Synced Calendar  Depending on your Policy Configuration: 

If a user has not disabled access to calendar via native settings it will remove synced calendar items.

Send Alert Message Send Alerts to device. Enter a Text or select a Template and click Alert
Send Email Send Email Message. Enter a Subject and Text or select a Template select  and Send Email
Send SMS Send SMS to device. Enter a Text or select a Template and click Alert
Delete Device Will delete the device

Device Commands

You can review what administrative commands have been sent to a device over time and whether or not the device has confirmed receiving the command.  On the Device Commands tab you will see the Command Type, Priority of that command, the date it was created as well as the date and time the device confirmed receiving it.   You can also delete pending commands if they have never reached the device.


The screenshots tab will display all screenshots made on the device inside the Secure Container. By default it is not possible to deactivate the screenshot function on iOS device by default, so this tab can be used for audit purposes. 


The location tab will show the latest location of the last reported device on a user’s account.  This would be used to assist in locating an active user.  If you are looking for specifics on a device, then go to the device tab select the specific device and view its specific location.

Device Activity 

The device activity tab will provide you with a glance of how much data Secure Container has used on the selected device.

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