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Secure Container Users IV : Manage multiple users

Modify Multiple Users

You can manage multiple users at one time to, send a message, delete users, generate PINs, move to a different Organization, Assign a user assigned Policy, and export user details.  

Select Users

  • Navigate to Users
  • Select desired users you wish to manage 

Use filter options 

Manage Users Actions

  • After selection of desired users click Manage Users
  • Choose one of the actions
Action Description
Send Message 

You will have the option of sending an Alert and/or, SMS and/or Email.

Enter a subject and a free form message can be entered in the body or you can select from a previously defined message template.  Once you have completed the fields click ‘Send Alert’.

Delete Users Will delete selected users. Confirm the deletion with Yes
Genera PIN

Select option to use same PIN for all users or leave unchecked to create a unique pin for each user selected, select the number of uses or days until the pin expires and click ‘Save’. 

Move to Org Expand to select the target Organization, then click ‘Save’
Assign Policy Expand the section in which the Policy you wish to assign resides, check that Policy and click ‘Save’. If a user was previously assigned the policy you are assigning via an organization or individually the multiple assignments will recognize this and not try to assign a second time


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