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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Secure Container Users I: Add users

Add Users

  • From the users tab, select ‘Add User’ from the ‘Manage User’ dropdown list
  • Check the box beside the Organization to which this user will belong.
  • Fill in the Email Address field for the user.
  • Fill in the following User Management details
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone Mobile (optional)
    • Email Other (optional)
  • Click Save
  • Select ‘Generate PIN’, 
  • Either use System PIN or Generate a new one (6 digits)
  • Change the Number of times PIN can be used (optional)
  • Change the PIN Expiration in hours (optional)
  • Click Save
  • Click Email User 
  • Select Welcome QR Code as Template
  • Click Send Email 

To quickly display the QR Code  click on the generate QR Code Icon 

Assign User Policies 

  • Navigate to Policies
  • Head over to Assigned Policies
  • Assign any user unique policies required not already covered by the Organizational policies. (optional)

Changes will be automatically saved

Import User 

  • Navigate to Users
  • Select Manage Users
  • Click Import Users
  • Select Choose File 
  • Select an appropriate .csv file
  • For a Generic CSV file, the following format must be used with the header information  firstname,lastname,emailaddress,phone

When importing users from different countries it is important to enter the number in the E.164 number format.  You must however, omit the + in your file, instead enter the proper international country code, national destination code (NDC) and subscriber number.  The spacing is not important IF you have included all of the appropriate numbers.

If you are unsure of the correct country codes please refer to the following link:  List of country calling codes

Examples of phone entry format:

  • US: 17035551212 or 1 703 555 1212
  • Germany:  4969666442925 or 49 69 666442925
  • India:     912226721234 or 91 22 2672 1234
  • Singapore: 6564769123 or 65 6476 9123
  • UK:  442074559485 or 20 7455 9485 

Phone is not required however if you do not include remember to include the comma after emailaddress,  e.g. firstname,lastname,emailaddress

  • Click Get Users
  • Any errors are displayed in Red.
  • Unselect users you do not want to import.
  • Select Notification Message
  • Select Notification Method
  • Select Organization
  • Click Import Users and your users will be imported.
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