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Access and Setup II: Organizations


The purpose of an Organization:

  • Map what accounts an administrator has rights to view or manage. 
  • Map what policies are assigned to a Secure Container device user.

Create a new Organization

  • Navigate to Setup
  • Select Organization in the Navigation pain
  • Select the top level Organization that the new Organization would fall underneath.
  • Click Add New Organization button
  • Enter Organization Name
  • Proceed with Next
  • Enable access group for organization (optional)
  • Enter Access Group Name (optional)

Access Groups are Administration Groups

  • Click Save

Configure new Organization

Activate Policies

  • Select the “Organization” in the Navigation pain of the Setup & Configuration screen
  • Place a check next to the Organization you wish to edit, click the ‘Edit Organization’ button
  • Select the Policies tab,
  • Expand the Policy type section and then place a check next to the Policies you want users in this Organization to have,
  • Click ‘Done’. 

These are the policies that will take effect on a user’s device once activated if that device user resides in that Secure Container Organization

Activate Briefcases (optional)

  • Select the Briefcase Tab,
  • Place a check next to the Briefcase folders you want users in this Organization to have access to use,
  • Click Save

Enabled Self Help (optional)

  • Select the Self Help Setup Tab,
  • Place a check the “Self Help Enabled” and
  • Select the options that should be available to your Secure Container users. 
  • Click Done

Branding (optional)

You can customize the look of the Management Console.  This includes the ability to change the color scheme of the menu bar, Login logos and header logos that appear when the administrator of that organization logs into the console.

  • Select the Branding tab
  • Select item you wish to change, Custom Colors,  QR code and Login/Header Logo.
    • Primary color for background of console (1) 
    • Secondary color for background of console (2) 
    • Third color for Console menus (3)
    • Forth color for Background of menus for console (4) 
    • For Login/Header logo - Use a 300px x 63px .png file to update  login screen and top left corner of console. (5)
    • For the QR code – Select Choose file and use a 72px x 72px .png file with transparent background.  


System Settings (optional)


The management console has a build in audit trail to view what your administrators and self-help users have done. You can view login attempts, modification of System Settings, editing of users, and editing of devices.  Placing a check mark and clicking done will set up the audit trail.

Keep Audit Trail Enabled

SMS Settings

The SMS tab is used to input your Twilio SMS account and password to enable SMS messaging.  You will need to provide your Twilio Account SID, Auth Token and Sender ID.  The Sender ID can be either a Twilio phone number that the SMS messages will be sent from or an Alphanumeric Sender ID purchased from Twilio.

SMTP Settings
  • SMTP host will be the name of your MTA host that will send messages on behalf of your Management Console. 
  • SMTP user name will be the login credential of the ‘SMTP from Address’
  • SMTP password will be the login password of the ‘SMTP from Address’
  • SMTP From Address will be the address that appears as the sender in the recipients email.
  • SMTP port of the message server, default port for most MTA’s is 25 but check with your messaging administrator.
  • Enable TLS toggle on or off as appropriate for your MTA server.

Change Settings only if you want to use your own SMTP Server. Click Override settings and enter your Information

Delete Organizations 

  • Navigate to Setup
  • Select Organization in the Navigation pain
  • Select the desired Organization for deletion
  • Click Delete Organization
  • Confirm with Yes

 This will delete all access groups and users, policies and briefcases in this organization as well.  

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