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Android Guide X: Android for Work

Depending on your preferences Android for Work may be activated . This guide will show explain the behavior on the end users device and how to configure quickly Android for Work with Silverback. 

Edit Tag

  • Navigate to Tags 
  • Create a new or edit an existing tag
  • Navigate to Profile

If not active, navigate to definition, enable it and click save)

  • Depending on settings in Definition part of the Tag choose either Android or SamsungSafe as device type
  • Click Work Profile
  • Click Enable
  • Click Enable Passcode Settings (optional & recommended)
  • Configure Passcode Settings  (optional & recommended)
  • Click Save
  • Navigate to Restrictions (optional & recommended)
  • Configure Restrictions (optional & recommended)
  • Click Save & Close

Assign Tag

Silverback offers automatic and manual assigning methods for Tags.  Either configure Auto Population inside the Tag that needs to be assigned or select the device from Devices panel and use the tag action to assign the tag manually. 

Device Configuration

After you have successfully enrolled the device (previous chapter) and your device will receive an Android for Work Profile, Companion application will force you to active Android for Work.  We will describe the Test with a Samsung Device. The way how to it is in general quite the same:

  • Create a PIN 
  • Configure Secure Startup and
  • Encrypt the device

Encrypt Now

  • After enforcement Companion will display the Encrypt Device to Install Android for Work screen
  • Tab Encrypt Now

It may occur that you will directly forwarded to your Sreen Unluck Settings

  • Create a new PIN 
  • On next screen select Done
  • Configure Secure Start 
  • Enable Require PIN when device powers on 
  • Proceed with OK
  • Enter newly created PIN or your general PIN if this had been configured before 
  • Navigate back to Companion application
  • Wait until the Enable Manage Profile window appear

Try click Refresh

  • Proceed with pressing the Android for Work Activation button
  • Accept and Conditions 
  • A Work Profile will now be generated
  • Wait until the Sign In screen appears
  • Tab Next
  • Enter either corporate accounts password or the password which the IT provided
  • Proceed with Next
  • Accept (Terms of Use Part 1)
  • Tap I agree (Terms of Use Part 2)
  • Finished, the Enrollment is successful 

Device behavior

Android for Work will now install a separative Container on the device. Each device will have a little bit of a different approach for Displaying Android for Work based on the manufacturer or the currently used Android version. But in general, all applications which are marked as a corporate application will receive a work item batch and a couple of application will appear twice (one for personal purpose, one for corporate purpose). If the corporate icons will not be found, search on the App Launcher for some like "Workspace" 

What apps may appear:

  • Corporate Google Play Store
  • Corporate Gmail
  • Corporate Contacts
  • Corporate Calendar 
  • Corporate Companion
  • other corporate distributed applications 
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