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Secure Container Part VI: Demo

Secure Container Demonstration

A containerized workspace provides a secure data platform that protects your data between your enterprise’s backend and secure, “sandboxed” applications on your organization’s mobile devices. Matrix42 Secure Container™ protects your enterprise network by securing data at rest and data in transit. Matrix42 Secure Container™ is a software-based, secure mobility application framework and extension of your enterprise’s security architecture.


The purpose of this Guide is to enable everyone who participates in Matrix42 Secure Container demonstrations. 

Global Administrator Accounts

Username Password Organization ID   Matrix42 2   Matrix42 2   Matrix42 2   Matrix42 2

Imagoverum Admins

Username Password Organization ID Matrix42! Imagoverum 6 Matrix42! Imagoverum 6 Matrix42! Imagoverum 6 Matrix42! Imagoverum 6 Matrix42! Imagoverum 6 Matrix42! Imagoverum 6 Matrix42! Imagoverum 6 Matrix42! Imagoverum 6

User Accounts (Imagoverum)

Username Passwort Organisation ID QR-Code Matrix42! Imagoverum 6 SecureContainer_QR_Frank.png Matrix42! Imagoverum 6 clipboard_e751c895d1e6883f03b9792c1349404e0.png Matrix42! Imagoverum 6 SecureContainer_QR_Rainer.png Matrix42! Imagoverum 6 SecureContainer_QR_Tim.png Matrix42! Imagoverum 6 SecureContainer_QR_Vincent.png

Download & Configure Application

For Android: Secure Container Application I: Android Guide

For iOS: Secure Container Application I: iOS Guide

QR-Code on iOS will currently forward to the original SyncDog App. We will update this asap (14.11.2018)

Administrator Guide

Our Administrator Guide is designed for our Cloud Service and has a own section in our Matrix42 Help Center:

Check the following Link : Secure Container Guide

If you want to download the origin source, use this Link: Secure Contianer Whiltelabel Administrator Guide.pdf

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