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Dashboard Guide Part II: Compliance


The Compliance Tab will display important statistics about the devices enrolled when compared against policies defined within Silverback. It contains details about Device Compliance, who has broken Corporate Policies and Device Interactions for the specified time period.

All of the fields can be expanded upon by clicking the Admin_Guide_SB_011.png  button next to the displayed statistic. This will show all devices that are associated with affected policy.



Compliance Group Description
Device Compliance Displays the number of devices violating Compliance Policies grouped by Device Type.
Policy Breaches Shows a list of users who have broken Compliance Policies – and how many they have broken.
Watchlist Displays a list of actions Silverback has performed against devices that it has encountered. From enrolling new devices to devices not checking in.
Companion Data Usage Displays information about Companion Users and their data usage if enabled.
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