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Console Guide Part II: Role Based Access


Silverback supports three user roles with different levels of authorization with different levels of access to parts of Silverback.

The ‘Admin’ account within the Silverback Management Console is a SYSTEM user that cannot be deleted. 

The Settings Administrator Role is the only role with access to the System Settings page. No other role can access this.


  Admin Super Helpdesk Helpdesk App Manager Reporting Settings Admin
Dashboard x x x x x  
View Information Graphs x x x x x  
Export Information Graphs x x x x x  
View Compliance Information x x x x x  
View User Summaries x x x x x  
Devices x x x      
Pending x x x      
Provision Device x x        
Managed x x x      
Blocked x x x      
Checked Out x x x      
Actions x x x      
Clear Device Passcode x x        
Tags x          
View Definition x          
Create / Edit / Delete Tags x          
Profile Section x          
Policy Section x          
App Section x          
App Portal x     x    
Users  x          
View User Information x x x x x  
Add New Users x x        
Delete Users x x        
Bulk Import Users x x        
Export Users x x x x x  
Admin x          
System Settings           x


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