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Changes, as compared to the Advanced Agent

Basically, the UEM Agent behaves like the latest Advanced Agent. We plan to modify some functionality or add new functionality to the UEM Agent only to develop and evolve it into the sole software management agent.

Until further notice, support for the Advanced Agent will be continued, but only bug fixes and required adjustments to new platform will be provided accordingly.

The following changes compared to the Advanced Agent are currently available:

  • New software kiosk with completely new UI
    • Search in the software kiosk, including auto-complete for text entries
    • Tiles view
    • Progress of running actions
  • Display of all icons in the kiosk and postponement dialog. The separately delivered program ImageMerger creates two files on the Empirum Master Server, which are used to display the icons The UEM Agent copies these files from the local EmpirumAgent cache to the UEM Agent directory when changes are made. Please read the "Displaying the Program Icons" instructions below. Starting with Empirum 18.0, the icon files are created automatically.
  • Accelerated start of the software kiosk. The agent stores a local package list with each polling. As soon as the user requests the kiosk, it will be adapted for him/her (what he/she is allowed to see) and displayed.
  • A Global “silent” key for kiosk installations (registry setting). During the installation of the UEM Agent the global silent switch in the registry is set to /S4.
  • The Package Info text is currently not supported.
  • As is the case for most programs, the installation location of the Agent is now in the “Program Files” directory.
  • The installation window (formally known as Z-Dialog) is now also based on the new UI.
    • The postponements are now based on days instead of the polling interval. This results in a clearer and easier to handle postponement. Regardless of the number of polling per day the user can postpone to the next day if at least one postponement is left.
    • Software Management tasks will be performed combined to reduce the number of interferences to a minimum. If multiple packages are assigned the lowest amount of postponements will be presented to the user. If no postponement is left all currently activated tasks will be performed.
    • If a date is specified in the distribution options (starting with Empirum 17.0 Update 2), it will be displayed in the portponment dialog if no other distribution command requires an earlier execution.
    • The user can now postpone to predefined times. We offer 30 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours and the next day. The displayed time is rounded up to a full 15 minutes. If a maintenance period is specified in the Agent Template, this is taken into account and only possible installation times are offered. The user can request a new query at any time by clicking on the tray icon "Check for newly approved software".
    • Installation on shutdown: The user can postpone installations until shutdown.
    • Postpone Logs now contain the information how many days the user is allowed to postpone (at the time of the action - may change due to new activations).
    • Automatic postponement: After expiration of the period of time until automatic shifting, the next postponement date (approx. 30 minutes) is always used instead of the next agent polling. This is consistent with the behavior during manual postponement.
    • The log for ending the "Maintenance mode" by moving the user contains the cause and the planned end time.
  • The language can be changed in the settings page.
  • New versioning logic. The UEM Agent is developed independently from the Empirum main release in other cycles. There are three release types of the UEM Agent:
    • ESR: Extended Support Release
    • SFR: Standard Feature Release
    • TP: Technical Preview
      The main release includes the last available ESR. The current versions are available for download on the Marketplace. Matrix42 always supports the respective current UEM Agent version.
  • ERIS is not an independent Windows service anymore, but a component of the Universal Agent Framework (UAF); therefore, it is not visible as service in the Task Manager.
  • The service start is not delayed anymore.
  • A UEMAgent.bat file is supplied in the user directory to enter the new agent into the OS template and install it immediately during operating system installation.
  • The log to quit the maintenance mode by postponement of the user contains the cause and the planned end time.
  • During the first installation of the UEM Agent, if no Advanced Agent has been installed, a base inventory is sent to the server. This automatically registers the computer in Empirum. This is helpful if you roll out the UEM Agent via Silverback or login script.
  • The colors and window titles can be customized in the UI.json file. It is located in the folder %Program Files%\Matrix42\UEM Agent\Customizing. It is planned to automatically update this file by storing it in the user directory.
  • The kiosk and the postpone dialog can be controlled with the keyboard. In the kiosk the search is selected first. After entering a few characters you can select the desired entry with the arrow keys. By tab you get to the list and can select individual entries with the space bar. The buttons can be selected by tab and confirmed with Return. All Agent Logs are stored under %Program data%\Matrix42\Log   Visibility of the Pre-Logon window controllable.
  • New Pre-Logon window
    • New design
    • Displays the number of packages to execute in a progress bar.
    • Displays remaining time
    • Displays the currently processing package.
  • Validation of packages via hash algorithm
    • The UEM Agent checks before the installation whether packages correspond to the hash value which was determined on the server.
  • Improved customizing in new Pre-Logon window, Kiosk and Install at Shutdown dialog


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