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Empirum 20.0 Update 3 - Release and Update Notes

Solved Issues

Problem ID Description
Software Management
PRB35066 High traffic on the Configurator-User directory via an HTTPS subdepot
Patch Management
PRB35079 Automated catalog sync does not work anymore
PRB35336 Reset MaxFailedInstallationRetries for Fix package with Scan package
Personal Backup
PRB35008 The Tray Icon disappears during restore and appears not when finish
PRB35054 Ask for backup at shutdown although Computer is excluded
Matrix42 Management Console (EMC)
PRB34885 Deadlock messages at qualifying computers
PRB34964 Filter conditions on variables do not work on clients having values inherited from variable configuration
PRB34997 Internal variables are editable by the variable configuration module
PRB35225 Copying OS language packs from group to group does not work
PRB34813 Variable configurations cannot be used for assignment of subdepot variables
Empirum Web Console (EWC)
PRB35069 New Empirum Web Console with updated Java and Tomcat
PRB35201 WOL activation of a group does not work for its clients
PRB35314 Postpone until date is additionally set in EWC
OS Installer
PRB35006 PXEServer performance issue
PRB35166 After an update of subdepot to v20 Iperf service is missing
PRB35252 Create Filelist for the Package Folder to reduce the CPU load on Web Server


Known Issues

Problem ID Description
OS Installer
  The feature "WinPE http/s Support" has current restrictions and do not support Disk Imaging over http/s.
Patch Management
  Patch Management Fix package has an access error in conjunction with UEM Agent computer based authentication


Preliminary actions before installation

Important note:

When you are downloading a Matrix42 hotfix or patch, the downloaded file may have a 'Zone.Identifier' information attached (depending on your browsers security configuration).

Please remove this 'Zone.Identifier', otherwise some problems with these files can occur (files are not loading correctly):

  1. Right-click the blocked file, and then click Properties.
  2. In the General tab, click Unblock.

To avoid the 'Zone.Identifier' in future please add the address '' as a 'trusted zone' in the Internet Explorer.


UEM Agent Auto Update:

The UEM Agent delivered with this update is set to "Not approved" in order to allow a controlled rollout via the Auto Update feature. For a complete rollout the UEM Agent needs to be approved in the package properties.

If you have UEM Agent Auto Update activated in variable "MX42_UEM_AGENT.Auto Update with the value "Yes - Use latest available version (Pilot Rollout)", be aware that after the Empirum Update the newest UEM Agent shipped with Empirum will be automatically rolled out to those computer-clients without an approval. Set the variable to "Yes - Use latest approved version" or "No - Use assigned version" to control the rollout of UEM Agent. Please read UEM Agent documentation for more information about the Auto Update in section 4.1.

Installation Steps

  1. Log on to the Matrix42 Empirum Master Server using an administrative account.
  2. Make sure, that a backup of your location database and your installation directory (e.g. D:\Empirum) does exist.
  3. Close DBUtil and all connected Empirum Management Consoles (EMC).
  4. Copy the Matrix42_Empirum_20.0_Update3.exe to a temporary folder of the Empirum Master Server.
  5. Run the Matrix42_Empirum_20.0_Update3.exe with elevated rights (Run as administrator).
  6. If the system requires a reboot, please reboot.

All Empirum Services on the Master Server will be uninstalled during the installation.


Post-installation Steps

Due to changes on variables all INI files are rewritten.

  1. Start Empirum DBUtil and logon to EmpLocation and your location database.
    Confirm the location table structure update.
  2. Update your location DB using the Update Tables action.
  3. Select the services (except PXE/TFTP, DeviceDiscovery) which are required for your installation and then click Install.
  4. Now install the services PXE/TFTP, DeviceDiscovery (if used) on the master server.
  5. Reinstall the DeviceDiscovery service on all Empirum depot servers (if used).
  6. If the Empirum ServiceBus service is used and installed, you must now reinstall it again.
  7. Reinstall all Empirum Subdepot and Empirum Subdepot PXE services (if used) on existing Empirum depot servers. You can use the Subdepot PXE Service package instead of updating the services via DBUtil manually.
  8. On the Empirum Server run EMC > Configuration > Software Management > Depot > Tools > Check Versions to apply the changes of updated package properties (Personal Backup and Patch Management).
  9. Reinstall the Empirum package Empirum Management Console 20.0 (EMC) on all affected computers. The EMC will be updated on your Empirum master server automatically during the update.



As part of the security feature "DHCP Snooping", modern switches for DHCP packets that are routed to subnets (DHCP Relay) can also insert an option 82, which allows the assignment DHCP<->Source network facilitated. Starting with PXE Service Version 20.0.1, this option is also supported by Empirum. The handling of option 82 by the Empirum PXE Service can be disabled using a RegistryKey. Specification of the RegKey:

Use Regedit.exe on all affected Empirum PXE service servers to specify the key "DisableDhcpRelayAgentOption" under
Add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\matrix42\PXE\" to the file.
(Type=DWORD; Value = 0 or 1 (1 to deactivate)). Set the value to 1 to disable the option 82 part of the DHCP responses.



ODBC Driver Update to "ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server" is only necessary when using Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2017:

ODBC driver update to "ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server" is only necessary when using Microsoft SQL Server 2019:



Existing boot configurations that already use an agent template (with "HTTPS" and "Trust only trusted server certificates" enabled) will be displayed with a warning sign the next time they are opened because no fingerprints have been stored yet.


Updated Software Packages

The following Empirum software packages are updated but are not assigned a new version number. You need to update (reinstall) the following packages:

Infrastructure Packages:

  • Empirum Subdepot 20.0
  • Empirum Subdepot PXE Service 20.0
  • Empirum Subdepot Webservices Configuration 20.0
  • Empirum Subdepot WOL Service 20.0

Client Packages:

  • Empirum AUT Service 20.0
  • Empirum Management Console 20.0
  • Empirum Inventory 20.0
  • Empirum Packaging Center 20.0
  • Empirum Personal Backup 20.0
  • Matrix42 Patch-Management Client Fix 20.0
  • Empirum Web Console 20.0



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