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OS Deployment in Depot Server Scenario

It is possible to use the Matrix42 OS Deployment with WinPE in the Empirum Depot Server scenario. However, the following points have to be considered:

  • The use of the correct agent template in the boot configuration.
  • The use of an additional Empirum Sync template on the Empirum Depot.

These points will be explained in more detail in the following chapters.

Agent Template in the Empirum Depot Server Scenario

The Matrix42 Universal Agent Framework in the WinPE based PXE image takes the information from the agent template how to connect to the Empirum server. 

If a computer is to be set up via an Empirum depot, then an Agent Template must be selected in the boot configuration used, for which this Empirum depot is specified as the failover server.


Another variant is the use of DHCP options in the depot scenario. The DHCP options can be used to override the following values from the agent template:

  • Empirum Server (Option EmpirumServer).
  • User with which the connection to the Empirum Server is to be established (Option EmpUser).
  • Password for the user with which the connection to the Empirum Server is to be established (Option EmpPW).


The password can be Sync, AES256 encrypted or unencrypted.

If not all three DHCP options (EmpirumServer, EmpUser, EmpPW) are configured on the DHCP server, then only the configured values are used and override the corresponding Agent Template values. Thus, it is for example possible to override only the EmpirumServer value of the Agent Template, if the username and password remain the same.

The advantage of this variant is that a boot configuration can be used for several depots.

To be able to use the DHCP options during deployment with WinPE, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Set up DHCP options in Matrix42 DBUtil.

The Set Up DHCP Options online help describes how to set up the DHCP options with Matrix42 DBUtil. The PE agent considers the following options for establishing a connection to the depot server:

  • EmpirumServer
  • EmpUser
  • EmpPW
  1. Set up the DHCP options on the DHCP server.

If the DHCP option EmpPW is to be used, this value can be specified on the DHCP server as Sync, AES256 encrypted or unencrypted.

  1. In the agent template used by the boot configuration, the general Use DHCP Options setting must be checked.


  1. The boot configurations that use the agent template must then be resaved so that the changes to the agent template end up in the image.

Additional Empirum Sync Template

The Matrix42 Universal Agent Framework in the WinPE based PXE image uses a configuration file DeviceMapping.xml which connects to the Empirum share to determine the name of the computer to be loaded by its MAC address. This file is written by a backend task queue extension on the Empirum share of the master server.

If Empirum depots are used in WinPE based OS deployment, the sync template ESubdepot_DeviceMapping must be assigned to the used depot and the change must be communicated by activating the depot.


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