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Variable Configurations

Variable Configurations 

Variable Configurations are collections of variables in Empirum. They are displayed in the new navigation item Package Configurations in UEM/SUEM. They can be used in assignments to configure the deployment of packages by setting variables in Empirum. Variable configurations exported using the Empirum console can be uploaded with the "Add Package" action. See the online help for more information about Variable Configurations.



Column Name Description
Name The friendly name associated with Variable Configuration
Description Displays the general description.
Creation Date Displays the initial creation date of the Variable Configuration
Last Update Displays the last change date of the Variable Configuration


By selecting a Variable Configuration, a preview pane will be displayed with several tabs and additional information.

General: Displays the name, description, and the creation and last change date.

The section Variables displays all variables assigned to the variable configuration with the set value, description and type. Values of password variables are not displayed.



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