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Software Distribution II: Distribute Software

Upload Software Packages

This allows the upload of Software Packages, OS Sources and Language Packs from the browser into the Empirum library.


  • The user has the role "UEM Object Library Manager"
  • Packages needs to be provided as a single ZIP-file based on the Im- and Export Format
  • An Azure storage account needs to be configured for temporary storage in Administration - File Upload Service - Storage Connections
  • The Enterprise Service Bus needs to be configured and an Empirum node is connected
  • Empirum 21.0.1 is required to automatically download and import the packages
  • The new Matrix42 File Upload Extension which will automatically be installed when installing the UUX for UEM Extension 21.0.1.

Some browser extensions like LastPass might interfere with the upload and result in high load and deferred upload start.

How to use:

  • Configure the Azure Blob and a Container in the Administration App
  • Use a package ZIP file created with one of the following options:
    • Matrix42 Package Cloud download
    • Matrix42 Packaging Center
      • New Matrix42 Package Wizard from Empirum 21.0.1 which can generate ready to import packages as ZIP-file
      • OS Source or Language Pack created with OS Packaging Wizard (Empirum 21.0.0 or newer)
    • Export of an existing package from Empirum compressed as ZIP
  • Open in UEM or SUEM
    • Software Distribution -> Software Packages
    • Operating Systems -> Installation Sources
    • Operating Systems -> Language Packs
  • Select the Action "Import Package"
  • Select the package ZIP-file
  • Start the upload
  • After the package is uploaded and imported in Empirum it is ready to use in an Assignment

Distribute  Enterprise Applications 

Available in Unified Endpoint Management and Silverback 21.0 Update 2

General Overview

Upload, configure and distribute your Enterprise Applications for Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS and Windows devices. Navigate to Software Distribution > Apps and select the new Add Application option.  Drag and Drop your binary to add your enterprise application to the package library. By adding an application and based on the filetype, Secure Unified Endpoint Management will guide you through the additionally needed information and requirements. Each uploaded application will automatically generate under Endpoint Configuration > Tags a new assignable Tag. 

  Android iOS/iPadOS macOS Windows Additional Information
Supported filetypes *.apk *.ipa *.pkg *.msi Drag and Drop your application or select the file with the open function. 
Name Required Required Required Required Enter a name with less then 250 characters
Description Required Required Required Required Enter a description with a maximum of 500 characters
Configuration Not available Optional Optional Optional Add an optional application configuration. Apple applications requires the configuration in a XML format. For Windows applications, add your *.msi installation parameters here.
Icon Optional Optional Optional Optional Upload an icon. Supported file types are *.png, *.jpg, and *.ico
Property List Not available Required Required Not available Upload a valid property list file for the bundled executable with file type *.plist
Operating System Not available Available Not available Not available As *.ipa is the filetype for iOS and iPadOS devices, select at least one target operating system. 

Add to Assignment(s)

Click on the button to open a list of all available assignments. You can now mark one or more assignments and then add them via the button to the assignments. This option is only available for object types which can be added multiple times to an assignment (i.E multiple software packages but not multiple OS installation sources).

Create Assignments

Clicking the button opens the Assignment window, in which an appropriate assignment can be configured for the selected device.

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